1-10 in Tagalog

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  1. Lissiel Calo

    Lissiel Calo New Member

    Let me count 1-10 in Tagalog for you
    1- isa
    2- dalawa
    3- tatlo
    4- apat
    5- lima
    6- anim
    7- pito
    8- walo
    9- siyam
    10- sampu

    It's very simple right and it's not that hard to memorize.
  2. RoseKaizer

    RoseKaizer New Member

    Yes, it is easy to memorize, I believe that Tagalog word is one of the easiest to learned by any other country. I noticed it to other nation, like indians when they are here in Philippines, they easily adopt our language.
  3. MomoStarr16

    MomoStarr16 New Member

    Actually even kids or a little younger child can memorize it. It is because it has only short syllables and they actually rhyme with each other.
  4. poppi

    poppi New Member

    The official language in my country is English, I have always wanted to learn a new language, a foreign one, but I have never come across or heard about Tagalog. Its intriguing,to find this language, please what country speaks Tagalog and is it an official language there?
  5. Lissiel Calo

    Lissiel Calo New Member

    Only the Philippines has the language of the Tagalog; it is the main dialect here. Though, there are a lot of dialects in here-- we all understand and speak Tagalog.
  6. Khanhtran123

    Khanhtran123 New Member

    It is easy. Now I know how to count to 10 in Tagalog XD. Thanks
  7. ion

    ion New Member

    And if you listen how the kids counting specially when they're playing some cards, some people will really confuse, because there's "cha" every time they count. Cha means half. LOL. or isa cha. means 1 and 1/2 :)
  8. Corzhens

    Corzhens Member

    There was the nursery rhyme that I learned in 1st grade. It goes like this…
    Isa, dalawa, maraming baka
    Tatlo, apat, bilanging lahat
    Lima, anim, gatasan natin
    Pito, walo, gawing keso
    Siyam, sampu, masarap isubo