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Discussion in 'Family' started by Corzhens, Oct 6, 2019.

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    Weekends are called family day so you should know that a family gathering every week is common. Usually the family day is spent outside the home but for inclement weather it is held in the ancestral home. You can bring any food as long as you think will be palatable to the majority. The best bet is anything roasted whether it is pork, fish or chicken. But you have to ask the host before you prepare.
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    Indeed weekend is reserved for the family but in the urban areas the target for family bonding is the mall. They can roam around for window shopping and later have lunch there. The mall is like a park now that families enjoy the air conditioning and the clean surroundings. The only problem is the cost of the food which is not cheap.
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    Even if the get-together is done in the mall, I guess it is becoming the new tradition now since parks have lost their popularity. We have to admit that the mall is one good place for gathering since there is air conditioning and it is clean not to mention that there is food and some things that you might need are available in the mall.