An out of town trip with your date

Discussion in 'Romantic' started by Corzhens, Oct 3, 2019.

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    For long time sweethearts it is okay to go on an out of town trip together with no chaperone. But be sure to seek the explicit permission of the parent or the siblings. Enjoy your trip and try to bring home something for those people that gave you permission. That is not exactly a tradition but it’s one way of showing your concern for your future in-laws.
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    This kind of trip is for the lovers, I guess, because the parents would not approve of going on an out of town date with a suitor. Anyway, that kind of trip is exciting but you need to be loaded with cash. Do not scrimp with the accommodation and the food. It is your chance to show your love for the woman of your dreams.
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    I agree that parents, particularly in the rural areas, are strict but in this modern times, I have seen posts in social media about the trips abroad of couples who are not married, from the city and from the provinces as well. Maybe we have to accept that marriage is not that very sacred thing anymore.