Attending a class reunion of the wife.

Discussion in 'Meeting People' started by Alexandoy, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Alexandoy

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    This is not the usual practice but I have seen women bringing along their foreigner husband maybe to brag. For the foreigner you need to remember that you are a guest and it is not proper to engage anyone in a long conversation. The main guest is the wife so give the limelight to the wife.
  2. Jelineex

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    I don't know about the proper etiquette of having a foreigner on a class reunion. I see no problem with it except if the foreigner is misbehaving. Everyone can shine on it's own since we do have different personality. It's nice to socialize among others to get to know better and be updated.
  3. Corzhens

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    Having been been invited to attend the reunion of the spouse is not common but not really rare. It is usually the reunion of the seniors when the spouse is included. The best thing is to mingle with the other spouses so you will not be out of place. Most of those who will attend are assumed to be sociable so there is no problem in chatting with them.