Best province to visit in the Philippines

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Creashia, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. Creashia

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    I will choose my province the province of Isabela we are known to be the second largest province in the country of the Philippines and also one of the richest province. However, there is
    more to Isabela like the beautiful places in Isabela province that I'm gonna be mentioning like the giant Dibulo falls at Dinapigue,the Old St.Mathias Church at Tumauini,Magat Dam,Shrine of the Queen,Maconacon,The Ruins at San Pablo Church,Dicotcotan beach at Palanan. But one of my favorite is the Maconacon the little paradise. 13257126_1046812608724009_1266772557_n-740x555.jpg
  2. RoseKaizer

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    You should try to visit Palawan, it has so many beautiful places there,.like falls and beaches. Palawan is one of the most visited place by the other nation.
  3. Lissiel Calo

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    I would recommend my province, Bohol. Bohol isn't rich in marine life and beaches, but you will enjoy the beautiful view of nature too, like--Chocolate Hills, Loboc rivers, old churches, waterfalls, pool caves and Tarsiers. From nature, adventures or even historical place, Bohol has it all.
  4. I love my province, Camiguin! Come and visit Camiguin and its beautiful tourist's spots and nice people. We are also famous for our sweet lanzones around the Philippines. It is what tourists came here for during the month of October. We are also known for our white island and mantigue island.
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    I am from Philippines but I haven't visited Isabella yet. The farthest that I've been from Davao was Surigao del Sur. The place is so beautiful too. How I wish I could go to Isabella one day.
  6. Mj smith

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    My province is eastern samar, maybe it is not yet popular but once you visited their I'll make sure that you will be amaze of the hidden beauty of Samar.However since its a province the native language of Samar is waray, but their are some people who knows how to speak Tagalog and english.
  7. Caguioa747

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    I dont know if you can consider Baguioa as a province, But i really enjoyed my stay there. The weather is perfect for me. Actually i can consider relocating on baguio in 10 to 15 years that is how i love baguio the city of pines.