Cebuano and Tagalog

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Jason, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Jason

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    How different are they? Can average speakers from the two languages understand each other? Well, I'd say, not cause that's the definition of a language. Anyway, though, some languages are so closely related, it's like they're dialects of the same language. An example would be Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.
  2. ion

    ion New Member

    I don't really know how to speak cebuano, and don't understand them. That's why when I was in cebu, much better to talk english there rather than tagalog, and actually I think the Cebuanos is much more fluent in English language compare to tagalog even the tricycle drivers there are fluent in english.
  3. RoseKaizer

    RoseKaizer New Member

    No, Cebuano dialect is really different from Tagalog. But just like tagalog, mostly of the filipino can understand cebuano dialect.
  4. Lissiel Calo

    Lissiel Calo New Member

    Cebuano is different from Tagalog. I can speak Cebuano myself. Tagalog can't understand Cebuano, but Cebuano can understand Tagalog. All Filipino are studying the language Tagalog, that's why we understand it.
  5. theresajane

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    They are different, but what makes them similar is the fact that large portions of Filipinos know the language and the dialect. Even though Filipino is our national language, it doesn't even downgrade the fact that Cebuano is also known to millions of Filipinos.
  6. Corzhens

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    I had been to Cebu many times and the only phrase I remember is Maayong Buntag which is good morning. Even if I am a Filipino, I have difficulty in learning the dialects. Some say that you have to speak it in order to learn quickly. But my trips to Cebu are short work assignments so I had no time to indulge in the culture.