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    In the grade school classroom, it used to be English as the medium but now Tagalog or Filipino is the standard medium of instruction. Greetings are now in Tagalog so the Good morning teacher is now Magandang umaga po. By the way, teacher is guro while pupils are called students or estudiyante where before they are called mag-aaral. Oh well, times are a-changing fast.
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    Sounds like the language is moving more to the spanish and english with the traditional words being lost...
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    You are right because we cannot help the changes in the Tagalog language due to globalization much more with the universal approach of the technology. Even the word computer, there is no Tagalog and even if they say Teknolohiya is the translation of the word technology, that is not accepted at all.
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    School is called Paaralan and class subject is asignatura. For the homework, it is usually called araling-pambahay or simply aralin. The teacher is called Guro but can also be called Ma’am or Miss depending on the tradition of the school. Students are sometimes called by their surname but usually the first name is used.