Commonly used english words to tagalog

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  1. MhicaF

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    Some of commonly used Tagalog words:
    Book - libro
    job - trabaho
    new - bago
    old - luma
    house - bahay
    business - negosyo
    kind - mabait
    far - malayo
    near -malapit
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  2. Steve5

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    I know some as well. :)

    Bird is called Ibon.
    Kite is called Saranggola.
    Balloon is called Lobo.
    Garbage is called Basura.

    I hope it helps add to other member's knowledge of Tagalog words. :D
  3. luv2x

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    There are others also like
  4. Jelineex

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    Here's some words to learn and understand:
    Punong-kahoy means Tree
    Kagubatan means Forest
    Tubig means Water
    Panginoon means God
    Mundo means World
    Kapaligiran means Environment
    Asul means Blue
    Kulay means Color
    Rainbow means Bahaghari
    Marumi means Dirty