Commonly used tagalog words

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  1. MhicaF

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    Tara - Let's go
    Oo - Yes
    Hindi - No
    Ewan - I don't know
    Teka - Wait
    Bakit - Why
    Magkano - How much
    Maraming salamat - Thank you
    Patawad - I'm Sorry / Sorry
  2. Jelineex

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    There some of the common words;
    Saan means Where
    What means Ano
    Kailan means When
    Oras means Time
    Mukha means Face
    Smile means Ngiti
    Tainga means Ear
    Ilong means Nose
    Bibig means Mouth
    Mata means eye
    Dila means Tongue
    You're welcome means Walang anuman