Culture and terminology of food and dining

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    First things first, when you dine in a restaurant, you signal to the server a big square which means the menu. After dining, your gesture should be a small square to mean the bill. Giving a tip to the server is common here but when there is a service charge, it is not advisable to give a tip anymore unless you are super generous. When it is not you who will pay, wait for the host to ask you about your order for the host may order food for everyone but more likely you will be asked for the kind of drink.
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    Restaurants have their own style and manner of eating. Just observe your companions on how they would eat using spoon and fork or maybe chopsticks or bare hands. You can ask if you are confused. Like the soup, we are not like the Japanese who slurp and sip the soup right from the bowl. Spoon is used for that purpose. To be on the safe side, you can ask beforehand on the style of eating or even the kind of food that is served in that restaurant.