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    Let's list common drink words here:

    kape - pronounced KA - PE is the tagalog word for Coffee

    gatas - pronounced GATAS is the tagalog word for Milk

    soda - has no difference in how it's pronounced, soda is soda...

    mainit na tsokolate - pronounced MA EE NEET - NA - SOKOLATE is tagalog for Hot Chocolate

    mineral na tubig - pronounced MEE NERAL - NA - TUBIG is tagalog for Mineral Water

    Coke - is just Coke...

    inom - prounounced EE NOM is a general word for a Drink of some kind.

    orange juice - is just orange juice...
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    Tea - Tsaa (Tsah-ah)
    Hot tea - Mainit na tsaa (Ma-ee-neet na tsah-ah)
    Gin - Alak (Ah-luck)
    Water - Tubig
    Hot - Mainit (Ma-ee-neet)
    Cold - Malamig (Ma-la-meeg)
    Lukewarm - Maligamgam (Ma-lee-gum-gum)
  3. TOP is tagalog word for ITAAS can be pronunced as EE TA AS.

    FLOWER tagalog is BULAKLAK pronounced as BOO LACK LACK

    HE/SHE can be a noun for a boy(HE) and a girl(SHE) a filipino word for SIYA and pronounced as SEE YEAH

    The word BUY filipino word for BILI can be pronounced as BEE LEE
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    In a drinking session, Tagay means your turn to drink. It is usually the case when the guys are having hard drinks and they use just 1 glass. Isn’t that a nice way of bonding? Beer is called er-bee and gin is Gin-bulag to mean a strong drink. Pulutan is what I like, it is the finger food that goes with the drink and the best are barbecued meat and broiled fish with chili sauce.
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    Some of the native drinks we have are gulaman and sago which is gelatin with the jelly pearl, tuba which is coconut wine and lambanog which is a stronger version of tuba. Buko juice is the water of young coconut which is sold by street vendors together with the gulaman and sago. Tea is called tsaa.