Eloping with the lover

Discussion in 'Romantic' started by Corzhens, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Corzhens

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    In the olden days eloping is resorted to by loves when the parents of either side is against the relationship. What usually happens is that the couple would stay away until the woman gets pregnant so the parents couldn’t protest anymore. But now eloping is very rare because the society has become very permissive.
  2. Alexandoy

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    Eloping or tanan in Tagalog has been a practice before but I guess it is not much used now because of the new society that is modern and permissive, as you said. And in rare cases, the elopement is done by the lovers in going abroad and living there for a time until the parents softened up and call on them to come home. I know of actual cases like that and I’d say love still can move mountains.
  3. Corzhens

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    It is sad to see in social media that single women would be posting the ultrasound result and even proud to be a single parent. Oh well, the culture is rapidly changing for the worse so might as well brace ourselves so we wouldn’t be left behind by the trends. But in fairness to the society, there are still young couples who stay clean while not married.
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