Favorite Filipino Actor

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RoseKaizer, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. RoseKaizer

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    Who is your Favorite Filipino Actor? For me, my favorite filipino actor is JM De Guzman. He was my idol since his first appear in television, he caught my attention. He is good in acting and singing.
  2. My favorite would be Coco Martin. He is an amazing actor and a very good person. His life is a source of inspiration to others. He is an epitome of a person who never gives up and never stops dreaming until you reached it. I couldn't believe at first that he worked as a janitor before.
  3. theresajane

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    I don't have a favorite Filipino actor. But, I appreciate how they act especially those who are under Star Magic. They were trained well, well, not all, but most of them are top-notch actors.
  4. Caguioa747

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    For me, My favorite actor is John lloyd cruz because he is a great actor and you can feel the emotion in his face whenever he acts.