Favorite Filipino Dessert

Discussion in 'Food' started by MhicaF, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. MhicaF

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    Leche Plan is one of my favorite dessert. It is popular in the Philippines. It is very historic because it was brought to the Philippines at the time we were colonied by the Spaniards. Im not sure if this is true but i heard about the story that Leche flan was made because when Filipinos were building Intramuros they are using the egg whites for it to be very strong. So what they did is they get the yolk of the egg and added milk to it for them to be able to overcome their hunger. And that is how the Leche Flan was made. Main ingredients are egg yolk and eveporated milk. :p
  2. MhicaF

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    Halo-halo is also my favorite dessert here in the Philippines. We all know it's hot here in the Philippines when it's Summer that's why Halo halo is very in demand. Halo means 'mix' and it's called halo halo because it has a lot of ingredients including yelo (ice) and you have to mix it all together.
  3. iamhai

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    My favorite desserts are halo-halo, Leche Flan, and fruit salad. I always tend to check desserts first in the food corner section when I'm invited to gatherings.
  4. Caguioa747

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    my all time favorite filipino dessert is leche plan, I like it because of its uniqueness and its just one of a kind dessert.
  5. Timothy John Obsena

    Timothy John Obsena New Member

    I am not that into filipino desserts but i eat halo halo the most. So I can say it is my favorite.
  6. monik

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    I am fond of the ice cream and I think that halo halo as described is a type of ice cream mix or sorbet.This type of dessert is very popular in my country as well, and consumed in larger amounts, especially during hot summer days.I would love to try out halo halo, because it is a unique dessert originating from the Philippines .
  7. Corzhens

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    I used to cherish the sweets for desserts but when I became overweight I had to change into fresh fruits. We have lots of native desserts like leche flan that was mentioned above. I also like the yam jam that is popularly known as ube jam. But the best during summer is the halo-halo.