Favorite Filipino Foods/dishes

Discussion in 'Food' started by MhicaF, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. MhicaF

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    My favorite of all is Lechón it is a whole roasted pig (buong inihaw na baboy). Lechon has been part of almost all the special occasions here in the Philippines like Fiesta, bithday, Chirstmas, New year, Graduation etc. I think it's good to have it in all ocassions because Lechon will not be wasted. If we haven't eaten the whole Lechon we can make a new dish out of it like Lechon kawali, lechon sisig, lechon paksiw, lechon asado and etc. Just eat in moderation because it's still a pork and very hight in cholesterol but if you eat it occassionally, i don't think its going to be a problem.
  2. kuya

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    @MhicaF how about Lechon Lumpia?
  3. MhicaF

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    Wow @kuya yes that's right. Letchon lumpia is another option too. No wonder why Lechon is very popular in the Philippines and a lot of Filipinos make it a business. If no one bought the pig, then they can still make another dish out of it. Creativity, it is
  4. Creashia

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    My favorit Filipino food is "pinikpikang manok" a delicacy to the Igorot (local tribes men). I hand a first hand experience eatung this when I went to
    Ifugao province. Well, it's not better than the Tinolang manok that we know. The feathers are burned while they are still attached to the skin. Because of this, the ashes of the feathers are included in the soup, yeah, you'll see floating ashes in the soup. They are not that tasty either because they don't use salt because of its scarcity in the mountain province. Its like eating tinolang manok with blant flavor, with floating ashes.
  5. RoseKaizer

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    Adobo is my favorite Filipino food, i really love that dish. I practice how to cook adobo and i am happy that i already learned to cook adobo.
  6. Steve5

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    My favorite would have to be Sinigang. It's delicious. I like the sourness mixed with a hint of sweetness. The one I had was made with Gabi which is a form of Taro. I tend to eat more whenever this meal is served. :D
  7. junrose123

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    My favorite dish in the Filipino cuisine is the pork adobo because it is very delicious and yummy for me, I really like this menu because it is very easy to prepare and to cook as well. I like my pork adobo to become unique since I just add a few chili on it to make it sizzling and hot since I really like spicy foods and I want to have a twist on my pork adobo to become more attractive for everybody.
  8. Anne

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    My favorite is kwek kwek. Actually its a street food haha.. dish is adobong manok. I like somewhat spicy and sweet. My mom cooks adobo deliciously. For me she cooks adobo the best. There is also Adobong Baboy. By the way whats the english of adobo?
  9. Jelineex

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    It's also my favorite especially with pork. I love to eat it paired with rice and some tomato. Plus, cold soda. Such a delicious meal. I also make abodo menu using squid. It makes me feel hungry.
  10. iamhai

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    My top 5:

    1. Beef caldereta - Beef stew with potatoes, bell peppers and fresh green peas.
    2. Kare kare - Beef stew with peanut sauce and vegetables (eggplant, cabbage, string beans, and banana bud).
    3. Pochero - Sautee pork or beef chunks with bananas, potatoes, chorizo, cabbage, string beans, and baby corn.
    4. Batangas Goto - Beef tripe congee from Batangas.
    5. Halo halo with cheese flavored ice cream - a dessert mixed of sweetened fruits and beans, crushed or shaved ice with evaporated and condensed milk.
  11. Caguioa747

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    One of my favorite filipino dish is paksiw na pata, I just like the sweetness of it and its unique taste. My other favorite dish would be adodo I just cant live without those foods.
  12. Corzhens

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    I agree with the first 3 dishes in your list because kare-kare and pochero are 2 of our best sellers during occasions. But with caldereta we like the goat’s meat and not much of the beef. It is the favorite of the guys here because they drink beer when eating caldereta before the meal.