Filipinos are basketball crazy

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    It is not enough that you know basketball. There are 2 big leagues here called the PBA (professional basketball association) and the MPBL (maharlika Philipinas basketball league). It is best that you know some of the popular players. Especially when you are engaged by a group in a casual chat, you can never go wrong with basketball as the topic. That’s one of the easiest ways in getting to the heart of the boys.
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    What does Maharlika mean? I have heard this before...
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    The word Maharlika denotes royalty which was used by the people in the ancient times before the Spaniards came here in 1521. There used to be 3 categories of tribal people – Maharlika, Timawa (commoner), Alipin (slave). It may surprise you that there were already slaves and 2 of them – Aliping namamahay and Aliping saguiguilid. The Namamahay is like the domestic helper now while the Saguiguilid is the real serf or slave that does everything for his master.
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    Just to add, the basketball league MPBL which means Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League can also mean Manny Pacquiao Basketball League because Pacquiao owns the league. For this year, the trophy costs 10 million pesos – that around $200,000. That’s how generous our boxing senator is.
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    The word crazy in the title is apt for Filipinos. Where can you see a team that didn’t win any game in an international tournament is welcomed like a winner? Only in our country because they see the basketball players as heroes in representing the country. Even if they looked stupid in losing by 50 points, they are still heroes. Pardon me for this sad fact but it is a reality so be careful in criticizing the basketball players.
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    The Southeast Asian Games will be held in December here and I’m sure the basketball team of the Philippines will again be composed of professional players. I just wonder if they can become champion since the opposition is very weak compared to the last FIBA international tournament. It is a shame if they lose in their home court.