Fire is an emergency

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    When there is a fire in the building try get the command by saying Relax Lang which is partly English that everyone would understand. Doon Ang Exit is pointing to the direction of the proper exit to be followed by the phrase Dahan-dahan, Wag Tatakbo to mean walk slowly and do not run. Some fires cause many deaths due to the stampede.
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    If you are one of those trapped inside the building on fire, keep your composure and avoid the stampeding people. Do not shout and be calm especially with the projection of your voice when you are helping people. Taking control of the situation is moving quick but not in a panicky style. Again, stay calm but quick in movement. The direction towards the exit is the way to safety that you can point to the people.
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    It think it is not wise to help when there is fire because of the chaos that surround the situation especially in the urban areas. Of course, if your house is on fire then you have to act. For a foreigner who wanted to help, being an observer will do especially if you can take videos and photos.