Food for the Christmas season

Discussion in 'Food' started by Alexandoy, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. Alexandoy

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    For the Christmas eve meal, we usually have our special dishes like the sweet Chinese ham which is part of the tradition. It is eaten with bread and there’s the hot chocolate from the cocoa tablet. With the fruits, we always have grapes and also apples which are imported fruits.
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    It is always our special menudo for Christmas plus the original macaroni soup that we make with pork and chicken. It is best to be cooked right on Christmas eve to be served for the Christmas meal together with bread and other food on the table. It is either hot cocoa or soda for the drinks.
  3. Alexandoy

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    For Christmas day the native dishes that I see is the morcon which is made of beef that is rolled and with stuffings of egg, pickles, chinese sausage and some other flavoring. It is not easy to cook so it appears on the dining table only during Christmas. Another dish is the kare-kare which is the all-time favorite in our family.
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    Some of our neighbors would knock on Christmas eve for their gifts to us, mostly native snacks that they cooked. If you know biko and kalamay, they are the usual food that neighbors give us. One time there was the turon which is fried banana wrapped in a lumpia wrapper. It’s a nice feeling to receive something from the neighbors.