Getting engaged to a girl

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    For the engagement, it is not customary to do the kneeling and offering of the ring but I guess it is now in fashion. Anyway, the essence of the traditional engagement is to make a formal visit to the home to talk to the parents. The guy comes in semi-formal attire and bearing gifts for the entire family. Then he would ask the parents (and not the girl) for the proposed marriage.
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    This moment is not the proposal for engagement but in telling the parents about it. Engagement is now big deal so think of that event as a grand one. It is not just telling the parents about your engagement with their daughter but it is like a surprise party. That means there is food and all the trimmings to make the moment festive. If you have the budget you can hire a singer or a band or even dancers. In short, this event is costly so be prepared for the budget.
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    The pamanhikan used to be a sacred tradition that is practiced by families as a way of giving respect to the family of the girl. I think that is still what they do in the rural areas because some families are old fashioned and they want the formal pamanhikan even if their daughter is already pregnant.