Going to a dance party

Discussion in 'Meeting People' started by Corzhens, Oct 3, 2019.

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    Not just for the young ones because ballroom dancing is also popular here for the seniors. The norm in a dance party is the attire so when you get invited do not forget to ask for the proper attire. It is silly to be dressed like Elvis Presley when the theme is Latin attire. Take note that a casual chat is common in a dance party so be prepared to talk with anyone and about any topic.
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    When in the rural area, take note that a dance party is not like the disco. There are protocols to be taken especially when it is a dancing in the street. Just be sure to get an orientation from the one who invited you. There are dance parties for charity so you need to have money for the contribution.
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    It looks like a lot of fun in the rural area for the street dancing. Now I remember the story of a friend in their province during the fiest night. The dance is made into a fund raising that the boys had to donate money to the basket before he could dance with the girls. That is one cultural event that should be propagated.