Grades in school

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    For college, the grading system is 1 as the highest and 5 for the lowest. When you get Uno (1) in a subject, that is great and when you get a Singko (5) then you are failing. Most of the students in our family are content with a Tres and that’s 3 which is the boundary line for the passing and failing mark.
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    For grade school and high school the standard 1 to 100 grading method is still being used. The boundary grade of 75 is called “pasang-awa” which means given a passing grade out of pity. For many grades in the line of 7 (like 76, 77, etc) it is called “puro palakol” because number 7 looks like an ax. For a failing grade it is called “lagpak or bagsak” to mean falling flat. For a passing grade it is called “pasado” that is a Spanish word.