Horse racing is a sport

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    Called the sport of the kings because of the royal family in the UK, horse racing here is called the king of sport. I grew up in a family of horse racing personalities led by my father who was a horse trainer and brothers who were jockeys. In the olden days there were many foreigners in the race track because some horses are from Australia and the US. It is an industry that is appreciated by many but now only a few bettors remain and the industry is on the verge of collapse.
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    Racetrack Lingo.
    A race is composed of 6 to 14 horses and under the category of the assigned group for the horses. The favorite in the race is called Liyamado or Llamado which is a Spanish word. The Llamado is the horse which has the highest sales of tickets which means it is likely to win but the dividend is pretty small. A 10-peso bet can give a return of 15 pesos which means you won only 5 pesos.