How to express your love?

Discussion in 'Romantic' started by Khanhtran123, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. Khanhtran123

    Khanhtran123 New Member

    How do you confess to someone you like?
    Like how do you say I love you in Tagalog?
  2. Lissiel Calo

    Lissiel Calo New Member

    If you want to say "I Like You" in Tagalog, you say "Gusto Kita"
    If You want to say "I Love You", you say "Mahal kita" or "iniibig kita"

    When we confess to someone we like we say "gusto kita" if you just like the person. But if you love her tell her "mahal kita"
    If she is a girl you can tell her "Maganda ka", in English "you're beautiful"
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  3. RoseKaizer

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    If you love someone it doesn't need to be verbal at all times, make a way and feel your love to the one you love. If you love him say "Iniibig Kita" in tagalog.
    If you like someone say "Gusto Kita" in tagalog.
  4. annest

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    Apart from saying I love you or I like you, you should show the sincerity of your feelings. Action speaks louder than voice, a woman would fall to genuine care,appreciations and efforts(showing efforts to capture her heart).
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  5. mdayrit

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    Here are some ways to express your love thru words in Filipino/ Tagalog:

    I love you - Mahal kita
    I like you - Gusto kita
    You are beautiful - Maganda ka
    You are my only one - Ikaw ang aking nag-iisa
    You make me happy - Pinapasaya mo ako
    No one else - Wala ng iba
    I always want to see you - Gusto kita laging makita
  6. Khanhtran123

    Khanhtran123 New Member

    True that. That would be the first one. Language is just a mean to express the feelings.
  7. Caguioa747

    Caguioa747 New Member

    For me, You should express it not with words. Express it by showing how you love him/her. Because it is better to show but not just to say it.
  8. Frank

    Frank New Member

    Definitely,you have summed it is more of actions than words.Showing affection should be about going all out physically, emotionally and otherwise that way a partner will feel wanted and highly appreciated.
  9. menchuuy58

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    When you're in a relationship with someone who has truly captured your heart, you might be bursting at the seams with wanting to tell them how you feel. If you have a crush on someone, it may be a little bit more complicated than that. Communicating your feelings for someone can be tricky at first, but there are many other ways of expressing yourself other than blurting out, "I love you." A blimp with giant hearts flying across the sky might be the flashy way to get your message across, but simpler ways of communication exist that might hold a bit more meaningful in expressing your heartfelt emotions.
  10. Jelineex

    Jelineex New Member

    I agree on friends here that it's always better to mean your words thru actions. Always be sincere with your motives to a person you love. Building a relationship needs respect and understanding. Loving a person with it's imperfection is what makes a relationship meaningful and rewarding. Acceptance also contributes a good foundation relationship.
  11. Corzhens

    Corzhens Member

    There are so many ways to express love in Tagalog and it would depend on the girl’s lifestyle and age, her status in the society and her upbringing. Saying I love you is the standard worldwide and that is translated as “Mahal Kita” or the archaic “Iniibig Kita.” However, for the younger generation there is the slangy question “Meron bang tayo?” which is like asking are we an item already?