Idioms for food and eating

Discussion in 'Vocabulary' started by Alexandoy, Oct 7, 2019.

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    Filipinos are fond of coining slang words and food and eating are not spared. Tsibog to mean food or eat has been use for more than 30 years now. When I was a boy, hatchet was the slang for food and later changed to tsika and afterwards it was lapang.that was popular. Lamon is a derogative synonym which means to eat like a slob.
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    Here are some idioms that I know which are related to food and eating. Nawasa juice means drinking water. Nawasa is the government agency that used to handle the water system in the metropolis. Sinangag is actually fried rice while bahaw or kaning-lamig is leftover rice. Not to forget the kutsara at tinidor, that is the spoon and fork for your convenience.