Joining the family’s religion

Discussion in 'Family' started by Corzhens, Oct 8, 2019.

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    This is a delicate issue because there is freedom of religion. But it is easy to understand that if you do not belong to the religion of your wife’s family then there may arise a friction. In such cases the best is to keep your distance to the family if you cannot accept their religion. One way to avoid problems is to live far away from the family’s home.
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    Depending on the conviction of the person he can easily join the religion of his wife’s family but that is not really recommended. Some friends say that it is better to lie low with his religion than join a religion that he doesn’t like. That makes sense to me.
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    There is one case here where a foreigner guy had made a girl pregnant. But the parents of the girl requires the guy to join their religion for marriage. The guy insisted that they be married in his church or else… The parents were like a hostage so they gave in to the demand of the guy in not joining their religion and their daughter instead who had joined the husband to be.