Lechon is the roasted whole pig

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    Lechon is roasted pig that is in a bamboo pole. It is very popular in our country that almost anywhere there is a seller of lechon. But the best roasted pig is the Cebu lechon which has a special recipe that the meat is very delicious even without the sauce. You can buy a whole lechon which is around $200 or so and you can also buy it by the kilo. And when there is a lot of leftover lechon, it can be cooked into paksiw (stew) which is also a favorite in our home.
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    Recipe of paksiw na lechon.
    For the leftover lechon, slice it to the desired size. In the pan or casserole, boil crushed garlic and a cup of vinegar. When it boils add some sugar and black peppercorn plus water that can accommodate the leftover lechon. Pour the lechon together with the bowl or a bottle of lechon sauce. Let it boil for 5 minutes and add more sugar if you want. Don’t let it go dry. Just add water if necessary.