Marrying a girl with a child

Discussion in 'Romantic' started by Corzhens, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Corzhens

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    When a girl you intend to marry already has a child (or children) the best move is to familiarize yourself with the child and vice versa. That child would be your key to happiness that everyone in the family and even in the clan will accept you. But if you are indifferent to the child then think again if you are really prepared to marry that girl.
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    I guess the courting phase comes before the engagement and marriage. A foreigner should have the determination if he really loves the girl even if there is a child or children to speak of. It is like getting a package deal to have a wife and instant children. It is not an easy situation so I think the guy should give himself at least 6 months to be oriented with the family that he intends to live with. This is just a friendly advice and not a letdown.
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    In the olden days it was a shame to court a girl with a past especially when the child is with her. But now it is a common thing and no issue with almost everyone. The only issue is when you raise a family with an instant child and when you get to the years that you are happy and contented then the father of the child would appear to disturb you.