Most challenging food in the Philipines

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  1. Creashia

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    Balut is the most popular one, yet most difficult Filipino food to eat for many foreign travellers. In most of the streets here in the Philippines you can easily get this egg being sold at night by street vendors on a bike who roam each street.Balut is just a boiled duck egg. However, a travel guide listed it as one of the most challenging food for me and considered. Why? What makes it difficult to eat is the fact that it has a fertilized embryo of a duckling inside, which you eat along with the rest of the egg’s content. Don’t worry as Balut is gently cooked and clean to eat, except for the fact that you have to eat the whole thing beak, feathers and all.
  2. annest

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    I think few of the challenging foods to eat aside from balut includes soup number 5, woodworms (tamilok), ricefield rats and frogs.
  3. MittensFX

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    Honestly,sorry to say this but this sound so gross.Even though you should never say that food is gross,I honestly could never eat Balut.
  4. Anne

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    Balut is my favorite so its not that challenging eating balut. For me is its eating bittergold or ampalaya in tagalog. It has a super bitter taste. I cant take it really. My mother used to have that vegetable every thursday for our lunch. And she always escolding us because we dont want to eat it.
  5. junrose123

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    I really like balut because it is an exotic food that is very delicious and yummy for me and I considered it as the most challenging and interesting food in the Philippine history because not all people dare to it such rare food in my country. I appreciate those people who have the guts and courage to eat balut because t is not attractive in its physical appearance which makes other people to dislike it.
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    The most challenging foods for me are balut, frogs, and goat meat. That is why I am so amazed at anyone who is very brave to eat these foods.
  7. Caguioa747

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    The most challenging food for me is balut, i tried to eat the yellow part but the baby duck itself I just can fathom to eat it.
  8. Timothy John Obsena

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    For me Balut, I know there are other weird foods around the Philippines, but I can't choose the other ones because I still cannot eat a balut. LOL
  9. In my province month of May is Beetle hunting day and one of my favorite exotic foods We called it "Salagubang" typically coming outside the land during sun set. Rats in the rice fields and frogs are challenging but for me they are delicious because I love eating out of the ordinary foods
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    I guess my worst and challenging food to take is the exotic food especially snakes. I have never tried and will never try it. I couldn't find time to relax nor to convince myself. I am afraid of it. I feel that if I eaten it, it will be alive and crawl inside my tummy. This makes me paranoid. I have tried eating frogs in rice field. It taste good especially when fried. Others, said that snake taste like chicken meat but don't care about it. ( Ha.Ha.Ha )
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    I agree that balut is one of the most challenging traditional food in the country. The egg with a duck’s embryo is not easy to eat that even with a nice taste but the look is not pleasant. However, it goes well with beer especially when there is the dip of vinegar with red pepper and salt. You can finish 2 or more balut in one sitting with that setup. To be frank, I can eat 2 balut eggs although it is not good for my hypertension.