Native dishes and drinks

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    Let me share our native dishes in the Philippines particularly from the kitchens in Luzon. First is the Pakbet. It is a mix of tropical vegetables that is sauteed in shrimp paste. You will enjoy it if you like squash, water hyacinth or kangkong, bitter gourd, okra, string beans and some other vegetables depending on the one who cooks. Another is the Labong which is the young bamboo shoot which is cooked in coconut milk. If you are fond of spicy food then you can try what we call Bicol Express which is actually pepper cooked in coconut milk with pork bits.

    For the drink, you can try Tuba which comes from the fermented coconut water. For a stronger version, it is called Lambanog which can make you drunk with just one glass.
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    I love pinakbet and Bicol express too. I also tried chili express which is basically, the only ingredient is chili and I love it.
    Since I am from Batangas, of course, lambanog is the best liquor drink during family gatherings.
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    I didn't know exactly what are the native dishes and drinks in the Philippines.As for me, I like very much Mediterranean cuisine, and it seems to me as the dishes from the Philippines and the Mediterranean cuisine are very much alike.I enjoy eating meals, which are composed of sea fruits and vegetables.These type of ingredients have many benefits, and are essential for a healthy organism.
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    Yes, I love pinakbet especially when mixed with seafood. It's one of my favorite dish even without shrimp paste. I also love to eat bicol express with a little spice. I would also love to speak for adobo. I love it's taste. It's one of my comfort food. I did try to taste lambanog before but I didn't like the taste.