% of Tagalog-speaking Filipinos

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  1. Wilfredo Vasquez

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    I have heard that there are many dialects spoken in the Philippines and within the formal languages, this is English and also Spanish, but I assume that most Filipinos speak Tagalog, what is the general population of the Philippines and what percentage of that population speaks Tagalog?
  2. paraluman

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    There's more than 170 languages in the Philippines I think. I could be wrong. And about 21.5 million claim that Tagalog is their first language. In addition to that about 50 million claim that it is their second language. So if let's say there's about 100 million Filipinos, so an estimation of 20-22% as their first language, but altogether maybe roughly around 70%? I'm not good in math so, I don't know. LOL ;)
  3. theresajane

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    Most of the Filipinos can understand and speak Tagalog because it's our national language. But, not all of us can speak the language Fluently because we have different dialects.
  4. Corzhens

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    For a ballpark figure, maybe 80% of Filipinos speak Tagalog although the fluent speakers may be only 60%. But I think the number is growing since the medium of instruction in schools are now in Filipino which is Tagalog. Even in the Philippine congress, the language used is more of Filipino not much of English unless the topic is technical or about economics where English would be the default language.