Paglilihi during pregnancy

Discussion in 'Family' started by Corzhens, Oct 20, 2019.

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    In our culture there is this thing called paglilihi by the pregnant woman that usually is felt in the first and 2nd trimester of the pregnancy. Paglilihi is a sudden change of character by the woman to be irritable and capricious that she is picky with the food and the environment as well. There is a saying that the husband should always give what the wife wants so that the baby will not be aborted.
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    I think the issue of Paglilihi during pregnancy is just an outlet for the annoying changes. The husband becomes the punching bag, so to speak, to ease the physical inconvenience of the wife. Nevertheless, the wife’s desires should be fulfilled at all costs but now I think the wife can understand better unlike before.
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    My sister who works as a nurse in a government hospital said that she had noticed the changes in the style of pregnant women regarding paglilihi. The caprice was gone and those conceiving have come to grasp reality. Maybe it is the effect of the social media that they learn to be better wives now.