Paksiw dish

Discussion in 'Food' started by Alexandoy, Oct 17, 2019.

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    Paksiw is the food of the pauper, so to speaks because it is any kind of fish that is cheap and the main way of cooking is by boiling in vinegar. Paksiw is best eaten with steamed rice and a nice dip is fish sauce with red pepper. But in our house we do not cook paksiw because no one likes it here.
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    There is a child tv star named Raiza Mae whose favorite dish is paksiw na bangus (milkfish). She would be eating that during their noontime show. But I wonder why that child wanted paksiw when there are so many ways of cooking fish. Anyway, the best paksiw is the small fish like Tawilis from the Taal Lake or the Maliputo.