Personal pronouns

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  1. Wilfredo Vasquez

    Wilfredo Vasquez New Member

    Could you please tell me how the following personal pronouns are said in Tagalog.

    I, You, He, She, it, we, You, They.
  2. Jelineex

    Jelineex New Member

    I means Ako
    You means Ikaw
    He refers to a Boy ( Lalaki)
    She refers to a Girl ( Babae )
    It means Ito
    We means Kami
    They means Sila

    I hope this information will help you.
  3. I can be Ko or Ako depends on how you will use it in the sentence.

    You also have multiple meanings in tagalog like Ikaw, Mo, Ka and Sayo.

    He referring to a boy "Siya" and She is for a girl.

    It is Ito or Iyon

    We is for Kami, Tayo or Atin

    And They can be a Sila or Nila.

    Hope it helps.