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    Kite flying is still popular in some provinces where there are no buildings and lots of open space. Flying a kite is best held in the rice fields after the harvesting. It is not just the ordinary kite that the children are flying. Adults have the big kites that sometimes they engage in an exciting dog fight. You got to see it to enjoy.
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    Until now, even in the city there are kite flyers if you will notice the electric wires with yarn and thread which means kites have been flying and got tangled in the wires. In our former house, kids would climb the roof to fly their kites so that there will be no obstacles. The most common time they fly is at 5 pm when there is more wind.
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    This might be surprising if you know that the players are not kids. The banca is usually made from a popsicle stick that is run on the canal. The object is to be the first banca to reach the finish line. The betting is sometimes intense that it can reach hundreds of pesos. Banca racing in the canal is common in the urban areas.
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    Pigeon racing is not an original here but many are now engaged in that hobby. Most of the hobbyists in pigeon racing are from Metro Manila. They keep their pigeons in coops atop the roof. The race is a competition with a prize. But the motivation of the racing is more for the flying of the pigeons and not the prize money.