Popularity of English in Phillippines

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  1. Khanhtran123

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    I've heard a lot about most Filipino being able to speak English fluently. Is it really a thing in Phillippines, where everyone can speak English? I have some Filipino friends and they speak really good English.
  2. Lissiel Calo

    Lissiel Calo New Member

    It's because English is one of our major subjects in school. We are really required to learn it. We start learning English in kindergarten and some are in elementary. Both public and private schools taught English. I think that's why Filipino is really fluent in speaking English.
  3. Corzhens

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    In the city, I'd say 95% of Filipinos can speak conversational English. In the rural area, maybe 60% can understand English. The country has many dialects and in some places, English is more comfortable for them than Tagalog. That's why English is also important to learn because most government writings and documents are in English.
  4. RoseKaizer

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    English is our universal language and Flipino can speak english because we have a subject english in our school, it is one of our major subject. Filipino need to learn it to easily communicate with other foreign country.
  5. MomoStarr16

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    Even nowadays, children are now learn to speak in English at their young age. It is like our 2nd language. And youtube actually help them a lot to learn it by hearing those video in English format. It is important here in our country because in a certain company, they always want to speak in English to fully understand each other.
  6. annest

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    English is part of Filipino students' curriculum, even primary students were taught to speak english, then it will be developed later on as their grade level progresses, the reason behind is that Filipinos wanted to be globally competitive, and to be globally competitive, you must know the universal language.
  7. Martinsx

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    English language is a growing message and communication medium that will keep growing as the day goes by with nothing stopping it. It's not just in Philippines that the use of English language has increased, other parts of the world where English isn't their mother language have seen the foreign language being learnt and used by more than 90% of the population.
  8. Martinsx

    Martinsx New Member

    Exactly. Having to teach English language at the schools is one way of getting every individual in the country to learn how to read, write and speak English language. The language is propatged through the educational system and there is no way of stopping it from spreading.
  9. Rita101

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    English language is the leading language almost in all parts of the world in my opinion, so Philippines isn't taken out of the context when it comes to using English language as a medium of communication. English language is taught in their schools and that shows how they have embraced the language. It's still the same thing in other parts of the world. English language carries with it great power.
  10. Khanhtran123

    Khanhtran123 New Member

    Wow. That's interesting. I didn't know that. I thought that everyone at home speaks English for Filipino, that's why they are so fluent. English teaching in Philippines must have been so good :eek:
  11. Creashia

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    Tagalog is the universal language of the Filipino people engslish is secondary. Filipino people have been fluent in speaking the english language because one of the major subjects that they teach in elementary up to college is the english subject thats why most of the Filipino people know how to speak the english language.
  12. fishbate

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    Yeah, most filipinos are very efficient in english language. They are also have good writing skills, its probably because US and PH relations goes a long way and the communication between the two improved through the years . It's been passed on through generations that it became normal for filipinos to speak english.
  13. Martinsx

    Martinsx New Member

    Exactly. Even from all my encounters with most Filipinos online, they are good with English language in all their write ups. It's only few of them that still needs to improve but they are averagely good from my point of view.
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  14. Rita101

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    This your assertion about having so much Filipinos being into online freelancing jobs is absolutely correct. I have encountered many of them as well and they are very good with the use of English language in all their writing. One of the best Philippine writer that I have seen so far goes by the name @Alexandoy. Even though he is not in this community at the moment, always look forward to reading his contents.
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  15. ion

    ion New Member

    Yeah, that's right, and actually there's silent discrimination in our country if you keep using English language with the wrong grammar. I'm currently working in a bpo company in our country and this is always the main topic in the conversation, and bpo is the most in demand job right now that's why we really wanted to become fluent in English, and the other factor is the tourist. Philippines is one of the best tourist destination and the locals and guide should know how to use and understand the international language to communicate well.
  16. Khanhtran123

    Khanhtran123 New Member

    Wow. That is something new to me. I didnt know the Filipinos value English that much :eek:. No wonder they are so good at it
  17. Henrywrites

    Henrywrites New Member

    This is good to know. I mean for the citizens of the country being able to communicate fluent in English shows that they are good people ready to interact with others.
  18. MhicaF

    MhicaF New Member

    A lot of Filipinos are good in English Language. It is i think one of the most popular requirements for you to find a job here in the Philippines specially in the BPO industry. We, Filipinos are good in imitating and adopting other countries accents for example is the American accent and the British accent. Being able to speak the universal language has a lot of advantages, However let us not judge people who doesn't speak fluent English. Remember, English is just a language. It's not the basis of intelligence.
  19. kuya

    kuya Administrator Staff Member

    @MhicaF exactly!
  20. Rita101

    Rita101 New Member

    Exactly @MhicaF. English language is just a medium for expression and not the parameter for measuring one's intelligence. So, for the fact that it's the leading language in the world today doesn't mean those who can't read , write or speak English language are illiterates.
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