Popularity of English in Phillippines

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    Wow, so you know that writer @Alexandoy as well. I knew him from Forum Wheel, he is by far the best Philippines writer that I have seen so far ever since I became a freelancer. I have seen him on multiple forums and all his contents are very good and of high quality. I'm surprised not to have seen him in this forum yet. Maybe I will reach out to him.
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    That's how hypocrite the Filipino, :) well, like me of course by keep saying that, to love our country, to love our own language, speak our own language, stay away from america, stay away from other country, you will always hear this from rally from leftist who earn money from loser politicians just to make trouble against the winning politicians and the government, but at the end, the reality is english is the universal language, people should know this, and aside from that, this is additional knowledge.
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    Correct ate @Rita101 . A lot of people here in the Philippines specially in Manila are very judgemental right? We are very lucky that we can and we know how to speak in this language but doesnt mean that the other person who cannot express himself in English is unknowldgeable. It doesnt mean that our ideas are better than theirs. Learning a language is also a skill. Everyone can learn that. Right?
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    Exactly. When afforded the chance and opportunity to learn in a conducive learning environment, I believe that everyone can learn and master the use of English language, how to read and how to write it. I completely agree that being able to speak and use English language makes one to be more wiser and intelligent than others.
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    This is absolutely true my friend @MhicaF. Some people actually claim or carry themselves as if they are better than others simply because they had the privilege of getting good education and learning how to use English language but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are better than everyone. If everyone is given the opportunity to learn, all serious ones will definitely master the use of English language and be very good at it.
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    We are very thankful that we have the opportunity to learn a foreign language at a very young age which other countries don't have. Even though we aren't perfect, at least, we have the basic language to communicate with people around the world.
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    English popularity in the philippines can be traced when the USA colonized the philippines in the earlier days. English is the universal language used so it has a lot of advantaged. If you know english you can use it as an advantage for work and for meeting a lot of friends overseas and many more.
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    English is our second language and I don’t think you will have a problem communicating although it depends on the person you are talking to. When asking information, choose someone who looks educated since not everyone can speak good English. But for sure you will not be groping in the dark because there are English speakers in all places unless you are in the mountains.
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    In my last trip abroad, Thailand has only few English speakers so I do not ask information from the vendors or from the old people. It is better to talk to the students because they have English in school. Somehow I survived my vacation with not much problem in communication.
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    Oh, wow, I am greatly flattered by the mention of my name at my absence. This is the best accolade that I have received from peers that I will treasure this post. Thank you for the kudos and I really feel so much flattered and euphoric for the praises from you, guys.