Short Tagalog words that may help you in an argue

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  1. Christopher Sato

    Christopher Sato New Member

    I also have become a tourist once and I understand the need to know few words when in a situation that you wouldn't expect to happen.

    Sometimes keeping a cool head when in an argument is really hard, specially expressing yourself in Tagalog words.
    Here are a few of Tagalog words you may use in general situations, meaning in a situation where you are the victim or not: (first you must be calm, then say this words)

    "Pasensya na" - meaning "Apologies", then you may say "Mag Usap Tayo" - meaning "Let's talk", arguments are always settled when discussed in a calm way. In any argument when one backs down and tries to apologize calmly even if it is not his fault is more often settled quickly and peacefully.

    If you didn't mean to do something, you may say "Hindi Ko Sinasadya".

    If you didn't know something or you are not aware of what happened, you may say "Hindi Ko Alam".

    The word "Hindi" implies negative meaning, it is same as the words "Not" or "No".

    The word "Tulong" meaning help, when shouted implies the urgency of the situation.

    So there are the few words that I hope would be very helpful.
  2. Corzhens

    Corzhens Member

    Relax lang is a phrase that is understandable in English. You can also use Cool ka lang to mean the same thing in pacifying arguing parties. For a disagreement on something the phrase Wala Yan can mean anything and it is positive. When things go very hot raise your hand and say Teka Muna which is wait a minute.