sino ang kinakausap sa tagalog?

Discussion in 'Tagalog Only' started by kuya, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. kuya

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    sino ang kinakausap sa tagalog?
  2. Jelineex

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    What I understood in your question is you are trying to asked someone whom he is talking in tagalog. Sometimes the meaning is different on how it is presented. The idea could be misleading. Unless, you want a literal translation of the phrase
  3. Corzhens

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    Minsan ay natatawa ako sa pag-uusap ng isang foreigner at isang Filipino. Nahihirapang mag-English si Pinoy pero trying hard siya. Si Kano naman ay nahihirapan mag-Tagalog pero trying hard din. Bakit hindi na lang mag-English si Kano at si Pinoy ay mag-Tagalog para hindi sila mahirapan, di ba? It’s nice to find humor in the difficulty with a language.