Tagalog conversations in a relationship

Discussion in 'Romantic' started by Vash, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. Vash

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    Here are some examples of Tagalog conversations in a relationship:

    Nag seselos kaba?
    Are you jealous?

    Galit ka ba?
    Are you angry?

    Na miss mo ba ako?
    Did you miss me?

    Sinungaling ka!
    You are a liar!
  2. MhicaF

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    Mahal kita - I love you
    Gusto kita - I like you
    Maaari ba kitang maging nobya? - Will you be my Girlfriend?
    Maaari ba kitang ligawan? - Can i court you?
    Pinagkakatiwalaan kita/ Nagtitiwala ako sa iyo - I trust you
    Hihintayin kita/ Maghihintay ako sayo - I will wait for you
    Magpakailanman - Forever

    Our Tagalog language really sounds sincere. Girls will really appreciate it if boys will write them a letter written in tagalog..
  3. RoseKaizer

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    Mahal kita- I love you
    Pwede ba kitang ligawan- can I court you?
  4. Steve5

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    Here are some of what I know. :)

    May gusto ka ba sa akin?
    Do you have feelings for me?

    Maganda ba ako sa paningin mo?
    Am I pretty to you?

    Sana maging tayo.
    I hope we become a couple.
  5. MittensFX

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    ''Mahal kita'' this is the only one I know and the most important one in my opinion.
  6. Anne

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    I think this is also included in relationship conversation;
    *Nasan ka?
    Where are you?
    *Hiwalay na tayo!
    We should break up!
    *Ayoko na sayo!
    I dont like you anymore!
    *Hindi na kita mahal
    I dont love you anymore!
  7. Thank you guys for the information, I really want to learn Tagalog, and you guys commented some valuable information, I will surely take notes of it.
  8. luv2x

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    Kumusta ka na? * How are you?
    Taga saan ka?* From where are you?
  9. luv2x

    luv2x New Member

    Mahal mo ba ako? * Do you love?
    Ikaw lang ang mahal ko.* You are the only one that I love
  10. iamhai

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    The Breakup Playlist:

    Ayaw ko na sayo! - I do not like you anymore!
    Sinungaling ka! - Liar!
    Bakit mo ako niloko? - Why did you fool me?
    Nakita kita na may kasamang iba! - I saw you with someone else!
    Maghiwalay na tayo! - Let's split up.

    And the worst part:

    Hiling ko na maging masaya ka. - I want you to be happy.
    Andito pa rin ako kapag kailangan mo ako. - I am still here when you need me.
    Mahal pa rin kita. - I still love you.
  11. Corzhens

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    It would be very difficult to patch up things with your partner if you are not good in Tagalog. The best thing is to say “Pasensya ka na sa akin” which is an amiable apology as if you are admitting your fault. Saying sorry is also understandable but that phrase about pasensya is better. There’s also the phrase “hindi na mauulit” which means the incident or act will not be repeated that is assuming that it was your fault.