Tagaytay with the cool weather

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    Tagaytay is a city by the Taal Lake and with hilly terrains. The weather is always cool even in summer courtesy of the cold wind. There are hotels and inns where you can stay overnight. Some things to do are horseback riding, going to the zoo and checking the market for fresh farm produce particularly the fruits that are sold on the roadside. Tagaytay is just 2 hours away from Manila by car.
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    Tagaytay boasts of the Taal Lake with the cool wind that is pushed away by the Taal volcano. Most popular food native to Tagaytay is the bulalo that is very popular in the market. It is beef that is boiled with vegetables that is so nice to eat when the weather is cold. With the eateries, there is an endless list of choices likewise with the accommodation.
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    There are pineapple plantations in Tagaytay so the pineapple being sold are authentic from there. The small banana called seƱorita is a novelty. It is sweet and nice to eat that I could finish 5 bananas in one sitting. There are also the native sweets like yema and buko pie that you should sample.