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    Here in the philippines we had a snack that is different from the other country and we called it Taho. Taho is a Philippine snack food made of fresh silken/soft tofu, arnibal and sago pearl. It is sweetened comfort food and can be found anywhere in the country.
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    I love taho. Especially when it has a lot of arnival or the sugar syrup and sago pearl. I used to buy it every morning whenever the taho vendor pass by at our house. Now, I still having it for breakfast.
  3. I love taho. One of my favorite Filipino snacks. I love it when it has a lot of sugar syrup and sago. It is actually considered healthy because of the silken tofu. So it is not just a delicious snack but healthy food as well.
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    I really love taho, I started eating Taho when i was still a kid and up to until now I still enjoyed it especially in the morning. the experience of chasing the taho seller is a fun experience too.
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    I just realized that it's been a long time since I have tasted Taho. It may be because I was too busy with other things. Thank you for reminding me about Taho. I'll definitely wait for the vendor of Taho in the street later and have a taste of this Filipino snack again.
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    I am assigned to 2 offices and in 1 office there was the vendor of taho every morning. More often than not, I buy a glass of taho that would serve as my breakfast. They say that taho is healthy because it is made from soy beans just like tofu. Mixed with syrup and the pearl ball sago it is very nice to eat in the morning and what’s good in taho is that it is not filling even if I eat 2 glasses.