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    Before anything else, be sure that the people around you are at ease with your language. It is difficult to communicate if they don’t understand you. When going to the house of a girl that you plan to court, wear something decent. Some old folks don’t like a guy in shorts or slippers in courtship. One good point is to bring something for the parents. Talking to the parents will also earn you points.
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    @Corzhens is there anything traditional to offer the parents as a gift? Is it more for the mom or dad or just a general gift for their home?
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    The best gift for the parents is something that is original from the country of the foreigner. One example is clothing from Thailand or Indonesia and maybe chocolates from the US, candies from Europe. Preferably there’s a gift each for the father and mother aside from the girl you are courting, of course. It’s not nice to say this but it’s true that Filipinos love imported items. But mind you, the gifts need not be valuable like a simple keychain would do.