The hot spring pools in Pansol

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    Pansol, Laguna is famous for the swimming pool with hot water coming from the inert volcano called Mt. Makiling in Los Baños town. Old folks say that the hot water is curative so swimming in the hot spring pool is good especially for the seniors. What’s nice in Pansol is that there are countless of private pool that you can rent for $100 or so overnight or daytime (that’s 12 hours) with facilities that include a videoke machine. Pansol is less than 2 hours from Makati when the traffic is light in the highway.
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    The hot springs are great for those old folks who have rheumatism because the water is curative as said by my father. He would rent a private pool with a hotter water than the regular swimming pool to soak his body against rheumatism. Until now those hot water from the underground springs are still curative. With the private pools, some have restaurants or cafeteria where you can avail of food.