Tongue twisters in tagalog

Discussion in 'English to Tagalog' started by fishbate, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. fishbate

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    Hi guys, i have seen some tongue twister videos on social media and some of them came from different nationalities. Can some one write a simple but famous tongue twister in tagalog, also can you explain what is all about?
  2. Vash

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    This is one of the common Filipino tongue twisters.

    Ang relo ni Leroy ay Rolex which means The (Ang) watch (relo) of (ni) Leroy (person's name) is (ay) Rolex.
  3. Steve5

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    One famous tongue twister is about fixing something. :)

    "Minikaniko ni Monico ang makina ni Monica." :confused:

    It actually means "Monico is fixing Monica's machine." It might be a sewing machine since "makina" is sometimes used for that. Though, technically, the word can refer to other machines. ;)
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  4. MhicaF

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    Hey, here's my favorite tongue twister!

    "Pitumpu't pitong puting tupa" :D:D
    It means 77 white sheeps.

    Say it fast 10 times, if you're a filipino you definitely know this famous tongue twister!! :rolleyes:
  5. Steve5

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    That actually harder than most tongue twisters I've heard. The syllables are so closely intertwined that you're bound to get it wrong. The only exception is if you're naturally good at speaking fast. :D
  6. Jelineex

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    I can't even pronounce it in a fast mode. We used to play this in our Christmas program as a sort of entertainment games. I get to failed saying that twister tongue. It was a fun activity that nobody won. ( Ha.Ha.Ha) God knows how much we tried.