Vacationing to the province of a friend

Discussion in 'Family' started by Corzhens, Oct 3, 2019.

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    Whether a friend or a sweetheart that invites you, it would be a good time if you already know what to expect in the province. Take note that some provinces are so rural with no water in the tap and even no electricity. The best approach is to ask the details of the place so you wouldn’t be inconvenienced with the lack of amenities.
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    A vacation in the province is worth the trouble when the people there are sympathetic to the guest particularly to the foreigner. In the rural area, it is common for the people to be friendly to foreigners and also to local tourists. A vacationer is treated to visiting the nice spots in the province and also the offering of delicacy and special dishes. Hospitality is still alive in most of the provinces here.
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    Usually this kind of vacation is with the friends of the couple or the family of the girl. It is not a honeymoon of sorts so the guy should not expect something more than a clean fun for the vacation. What’s nice is that the foreigner is always given priority as a guest whether by the relatives of the girl or even by the common man in that province.