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  1. MhicaF

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    Hi to all Volleyball Athletes! Let's talk about Volleyball!

    "Sino and paborito mong atleta ng volleyball sa Pilipinas?" :rolleyes::):)

    Who is your favorite volleyball athlete?

    My Favorite is Victonara "Ara" Galang. She's one of the pride of the Philippines. She is the former team captain of De La Salle University Lady Spikers. Her position is Outside/Open Hitter.
  2. Henrywrites

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    I have not had time to watch volleyball that often as I was always there to support my football team. About the favorite player that you mentioned, I think she is really one of the best in Philippines when we talk about volleyball.
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    Oh Hi! @Henrywrites yes she really is. And a very kind person, you know what, she even gave me a shirt that has her autograph and a little message at the back. She's an inspiration for a lot of filipino volleyball players.

    Wow football! I always think about playing football hehe. I think it's so fun!! :):):)
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    Playing football is really fun, but it requires a whole lot of energy to be able to do so. I think volleyball is better when we are talking about the sports that has got some techniques to it.
  5. Creashia

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    My favorite volleyball player is Alyssa Caymo Valdez a Filipino volleyball player who currently plays for Creamline Cool Smashers. She was a member of the collegiate varsoty volleyball
    team of Ateneo de Manila University in both indoor and beach volleyball. She is a current member of Philippines national team. She also played in other countries like Thailand for 3BB Nakornnont and Chinese Tapei for Attack Line Volleyball Club.
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    I am not exactly a fan of volleyball but we sometimes watch the PSL and the PVL league for the women's volleyball games. Oh well, Alyssa Valdez is one of the most popular but I am really amused with the tall and lanky Jaja and her sister Dindin. They are both over 6 feet in height and quite good at playing although they are not unbeatable in the game. I wonder why the hype on the women's volleyball and there was nothing for the men's volleyball games on tv.
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    Alyssa Valdez... FANTASTIC... One word is enough to describe her personalities, her look, her way of playing and everything she has. Having 4 awards in one season was incredible, don't you agree? It was history when she had those awards. It is kinda hard to imagine that she is able to manage to have an amazing and incredible transition from being a admirable beach volleyball player, which is very hard to an outstanding indoor volleyball player. Her dream was simple, to be a member of the. Philippines' Women's National Volleyball Team. It is also hard to imagine a simple and humble lady studying in college to become a successful person someday while going for matches, practices and those sort of things. She manages her time amazingly. Do you think she is capable of working, studying, endorsing and playing at a same time? We'll see about that! She is not just an amazing athlete, she is also a super star, endorsing products. She is an actress. Visiting some famous T.V. shows in the Philippines. I think the goverment should pay attention to this young lady. TO CONCLUDE THIS, ALYSSA YOU're the MAN!