What is your favorite street food?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by iamhai, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. iamhai

    iamhai New Member

    What is your favorite street food?
  2. luv2x

    luv2x New Member

    Isaw is my favorite street food and also tempura at fish ball.
  3. iamhai

    iamhai New Member

    Wow! I can imagine myself now eating those with a best spicy vinegar sauce with lots of onions, cucumber, and pepper. Who will not crave for that, right?
  4. Caguioa747

    Caguioa747 New Member

    my favorite streetfood is kwek-kwek, isaw, fishball, kikiam and many more. what i dont like is balut and betamax because i just cant imagine eating those for real.
  5. theresajane

    theresajane New Member

    I have a lot of favorite street foods. The top 2 street foods on my list are Kikiam and Isaw. I just love the joy and comfort that I feel whenever I eat these foods. I will never get tired of eating them after work.
  6. Timothy John Obsena

    Timothy John Obsena New Member

    Kikiam, Isaw, Kwek-kwek(quail or chicken egg), bopis on stick. They say it is unhealthy, but it is tasty so what can I do.
  7. matt9005

    matt9005 New Member

    Meatballs on skewers, boiled tofu and freshly squeezed fruit juice.
  8. cjctm11

    cjctm11 New Member

    My favorite street food was Isaw (the pig intestine one not the chiken intestine) because it has a lot of flavor and juiciness rather than the chicken one, paired with some spicy vinegar and some sweet drinks, you could not ask for more. I also love balut with some spicy vinegar and salt. I could eat three pieces of it on one sitting but ofcourse it has a lot of calories in it so I still controlling what I eat.
  9. paraluman

    paraluman New Member

    I have two favorite Pinoy street foods. One is isaw that I love to dip in vinegar with lots of onions and garlic. And the other one is the quail eggs wrapped in orange batter, kwek kwek? What's the spelling? I don't know sorry. But I love to have that with sweet/spicy sauce and I'll add a bit of vinegar with cucumber, ground pepper, onion... oh it's just soooo good!
  10. Corzhens

    Corzhens Member

    We used to buy street food particularly the roasted chicken intestines and the pork innard that is called isaw. But there was a time that hepatitis became prevalent and the suspicion was the dip being used by the street food vendor. Those were the days before the bottled water got popular. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted because it is better to be safe than sorry.