When invited to a drinking session at home

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    It is normal to have alcoholic drinks during occasions. When you attend such an event, it is good to bring something for the drinkers. Of course, a bottle of whiskey will do and perhaps a pack of mixed nuts. The norm in drinking sessions is to join the conversation but foreigners are exempted especially if you do not speak Tagalog. Be prepared to be the center topic because Filipinos love to talk about foreigners and their country of origin.
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    In my experience, drink at your own risk when invited to a drinking session at home. If you have no experience with the people in there then the best is not to join. It is easy to give an alibi instead of being in the drinking session when some would be drunk and would pick up a fight. It would be a big turn off to the foreigner.
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    During the town fiesta, it is common for people in the urban area to join in drinking when invited by strangers because there are people who are very accommodating. But I agree that it is a risk when you drink with people you do not know. On Christmas day, our house is full of people because my father would have a lot of beer and drinks that is offered to everyone, neighbors, friends and even strangers.